The Stories We Tell Ourselves

HOW you experience determines

WHAT you experience.

Streaming NOW!


This innovative virtual performance will bring together contemporary dance, animation, projection art, original music, and this time we'll be fully integrating live camera work, in person, up close with the dancers.

We'll be streaming live on October 17th, 2020 at 7 pm, and downloads will be available afterwards.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Director: Phannie Haver

Principals: Phannie Haver, Les Martin, Rachel Brady

Translator: Daniel Thorne

Music: Sam Krentzman & Jesse Boynton

Animation: Andi Todaro

Production: Mike Kasper

Location: The Armory Denver

A clip of our rehearsals, in preparation for the upcoming show! 

 I know that I am responsible for HOW I experience. 

That, what has shaped me now shapes what I see by HOW I see. 

Who I am is just a culmination of how I have judged my experiences, what I deem good and bad...

in what I see, how I feel, in deciding how IT should be.

What is IT?   Life? Experience? 

That the eyes I see through are veiled with past experience of loss or triumph, with expectant desire, missing what's ACTUALLY there. 

I feel with a body of invisible scars, each experience impressed it's shape into my skin, holding my lungs with anticipation of what may come. 

My pathway of thoughts decided for me by what I've been told is the truth. The way IT is, funneling my beliefs into clean defined boxes. Ones that reflect what's desired of me. 

This is up, this is down.  This is RIGHT this is Wrong... 

but without one, there is not the other.

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