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Embodiment Coaching for Individuals

Embodiment Coaching for 

Bodywork + Additional Services 
by Rachel

Workshops + Courses

Embodiment coaching is a body and intuition based coaching style that uses the body as the anchoring point for understanding our limiting patterns, and grounding you in body based and intuitive practices to bring you back to the moment to create what you actually love in your life.  It can be applied to any desired change for your life. If you just want to move and feel better in your body, if you want to fine-tune your body's ability and harness its true potential, or if you're stuck in your life and need some support in moving forward. Living an embodied life brings with it the magic of Being a Human. 



Individual 1.5 hour session by Phannie: 


Single Sessions: Cash/Check: $250,  Venmo $250 +%3



New Client : $650 for 4 sessions.

4 sessions $750 Venmo +%3

8 sessions $1400 Venmo +%3



Individual 1.5 hour session by Les or Rachel 


Single Sessions: Cash/Check: $170,  Venmo: $170 + %3 



New Clients : $500 for 4 sessions. 

4 Sessions: $580 Venmo +%3

8 Sessions: $1200  Venmo + %3

We encourage cash or check to keep prices low






Every program design is customized to what is in best service for the end result, or goal, of the client/group/business. We begin with a consultation to access what you are asking for and then create a timeline, a program, and an associated cost based on that information to present to you. These program designs include coaching from all members of RLM.


Creatives Program Designs: start from $3,000 


Entrepreneurs Program Designs: start from $8,000





Body Work/Facilitated movement

This hands-on mat session will include intuitive energy work and guided movement meant to address habitual patterns and held beliefs in the body. This can be a tool for relaxation, unwinding old patterns, and injury support. 


1 hr: $75

 1.5 hrs: $105 ----> Packages available

*Tarot add-on or Soul Read: $15


Tarot/Soul Reads 

Using a question as the container, we will work intuitively with the tools of Tarot and connection to intuition through the body to gain clarity and awareness of your situation. In these reads, you will learn to trust yourself and your truth. 


15 minutes: $20, 30 minutes: $35, 1 hour: $65

*Virtual options available 




Visit this page on the top bar for Pricing for each workshop and course we offer. 

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