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Radical Love Movement 

"At the core of Radical Love Movement and their Through The Body coaching structure, lies the belief that true growth and success come from within. By tapping into the power of Intuition, individuals can access their inner guidance and make decisions aligned with their authentic selves. This intuitive wisdom serves as a compass, guiding them towards their true purpose and potential."

Bold Journey- Voyage Article

Great, so let’s take a few minutes and cover your story. What should folks know about you and what you do?
What we do at Radical Love Movement has many layers and dimensions, but simply put we support people (individually, workshop-style, and businesses) into being who they are meant to be in the world. We do this through education and practice with their bodies. The one thing we all have in common is having a body, and culturally we are wildly unaware of what a body is or how we can participate with it to achieve inner-harmony and personal agency. We use the body and movement to support individuals into more presence, as a tool for developing attention, and the landscape for understanding who we really are and what it is we’re not. We are passionate about bringing people home to their bodies through somatic practice and training them into their inner-knowing and intuition so that they can know for themselves, becoming the primary creative force in their life.


Trailblazer- Voyage Denver

Phannie, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
When I was 19 years old, I experienced a life-altering event. I found out my father, the man who raised me, was not my biological father. This news deeply impacted me, and I credit it as the moment I decided to discover who I truly was. At 20, I began my journey of self-discovery. At this point, I had been dancing seriously for about seven years, had acquired my massage-therapy license, and had been living in Denver my whole life. I wasn’t sure who I was or what I wanted, so I ventured out onto the road in search of me, the real me [the me no one could take away from me]. Over the next 10 years, I treated my life as my teacher, searching for the things that made me feel most whole. I traveled, I moved to and lived in Seattle and Los Angeles. I continued to study dance as well as begin teaching at my own studio. I studied energy-work techniques, a martial art called Aikido, somatic-movement practices such as Continuum and Authentic Movement, amongst other consciousness-expanding activities. I dove into the dimensions of what makes us human, and more importantly (at least to me), what makes us being. Through lots of trial and error, committing myself to practices that weren’t quite right, and those that were, I found my center. I found what is most fulfilling to me. What brought me the most joy.

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