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Transformational body-based training

From Human Being to Being Human 

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Within all of us there is a knowing of our Origins.

The Truth of who we are.

Our mission is to bring people home to that Truth-

Through The Body



Serving your creative potential- Through The Body

What Our Clients Are Saying

I first found out about Radical Love Movement when I attended one of Phannie’s somatic workshops. I had no experience with any somatic work and was extremely nervous to show up without knowing anyone, but those worries melted away when we started to yield on the floor. I was amazed that something I had just learned about that day was providing my brain with so much feedback. Over the next few hours, I learned just how resistant my body was to letting the ground support me, and with that came a lot of reflection as to why that might be the case. I had never thought of my body as having the power to calm me down, or having any power at all, and I had spent most of my adolescence and early adulthood trying to “tame” it, emulating the way I thought “normal people” would move. Deep down, I knew that I wanted to live and move authentically, and that workshop felt like a first glimpse into a future where that could actually be possible for me. I jumped at the chance to participate in one on one coaching, but was skeptical it could “fix” all that I was convinced was wrong with my body and mind. I kept showing up though, and even though I’d arrive frazzled, nervous, and anxiously chattering, by the end of each session I’d find myself accessing that glimpse of calm connection I’d first experienced in the workshop.  It’s crazy how quickly things have progressed since I’ve started working with Phannie. While I do still get stuck in my head, overwhelmed, and anxious, I’ve started to feel capable of bringing myself back to that calm and grounded place, which is something I hadn’t ever experienced or expected to find in my life. My mindset has slowly begun to shift from wanting to “fix” myself to trusting my own body and appreciating an intuition I didn’t know I had all along. It’s been exciting to experience that change in myself and even more special to see how it has affected the other relationships in my life. I’m so grateful for TTB Coaching and the ways it’s impacted my life so far, and I can’t wait to see how the journey continues to unfold!



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