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Life Is Made By How We Define It

Updated: Jan 30

You are already a powerful creator. You aren’t aware of it (or maybe you are) because what you assume, you perceive as what IS. In truth you are a meaning making machine, we all are. From the moment you open your eyes the labeling of all things begins. This defining mechanism in us is reflexive and we all do it, it’s part of being human.

Let’s take for example, the Ego. If you can, in this moment, notice how you’ve defined the ego. Maybe it’s the villain to your soul's hero, maybe it’s some dumb spiritual word that airy-fairies use to avoid responsibility, or maybe you just don’t know what it is. Whatever it is, where did that definition come from? Was it sourced from this very moment you’re reading these words, based on what’s obvious? Or was it drudged up from some past event or experience? My bet is that you referenced the past, and to you that IS what the ego is, because you’ve defined it that way; Whether it was your definition originally or you learned it from somewhere outside of yourself, once you accept the definition it becomes the truth. This is our conditioning, our human-ness.

The best explanation of the ego I’ve ever received is that it is our vehicle of orientation for 3D reality. It’s job is to let us know “how it is here.” So that reflexive meaning making we do is just our ego needing to know how it is, and in turn, how we need to BE in order to survive. Now I think we can all agree that this is a pretty nice feature. I mean, it would be pretty hard to wake up every morning having to re-learn that we need water to drink and food to eat, that our hands are our own, fire is dangerous….etc. Part of being Human is keeping our form, our bodymind safe, however this need is also the very mechanism that keeps our potential thwarted.

I’ve always sought for the truth. The truth of who I am, the truth of existence, the truth of why we’re here. I attribute that drive in me to an early adult trauma where everything I had assumed was true about me suddenly became false, a lie. Somehow even when all the definitions I had given myself and my life evaporated, someone still remained. I was left broken yet curious, driven by the question of ‘who am I?’ This experience led me into many different life experiences, drugs, spiritual discipline, consciousness work, martial arts… all of it refining my questioning and sense of self. Through many contrasting experiences I finally came to a message that felt like home, Truth with a capital T. We are all One. And let me be clear, not that we’re all individuals that are connected, but that there is just ONE. One energy, one consciousness, and that the One (you) has created a place where it can experience another (that’s this, the human experience). Can you imagine? What if all you knew was ALL. That there was no limitation to what you could create or experience. Forever joy, fulfillment, expression. What is the one thing you couldn't have in that place? Someone to share it with…. Someone to play with, someone separate from you.

In reading that you’ve probably had all sorts of things come up- maybe you can feel the resonance of truth in what I just said. Maybe you can feel your judgments and resistance to that possibility, whatever it is just notice, afterall, it is just another definition you’ve created. Whatever it is, know, you’ve created it.

In my time being with and studying the human body and human experience the same story keeps coming up. When we’re young we make up how it is here. This same story is told through understanding nervous system development, efficiency of the human bodymind… but I won’t go into too much detail here about that. The point is, when we are 0-4 years old we are in a state of hypnosis, and in this state we download an extraordinary amount of information. Once that period is over that information, those definitions become fixed. We then relate the rest of our life experience to those definitions, referencing the past to understand the present- this is what we call perception, born of our unconscious belief. Our whole lives are experienced through the lens of how we’ve defined things… and not as they actually are. Our little meaning making reflex just goes on back to that definition to understand the moment we’re in. This mechanism just reinforces the belief we made up and keeps us trapped in our self-made illusion. You see, you’re already making up your reality, based on the experience of a 0-4 year old. If you pay attention to your definitions it will become quite obvious…if you’re willing to accept that how you think it IS, is just how you assume it to be.

And knowing that you’re already creating the reality you exist within, what would you rather choose? Do you want to keep in the safety of your limitations, often riddled with suffering, or would you rather create your full potential? That place where anything is possible? That quiet whisper in your heart where you know there must be something more than working, paying debts then dying. Your heart is real, what you love is real, and you’re just as capable to create what lives in there as you are in creating the belief you live in now.

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