Somatic Integration: Innerscape 

This 4 week course helps you to refine your ability to self-sense by using the body as a tool to cultivate insight and integrate the many dimensions of self. 

Cost: $150 US 

Location: Zoom 

Dates: Saturdays for 2 hours. Start date/time TBD 

This course is focused on connecting you to yourself. Through  moving meditation, biotensegrity-informed movement education, and self study we will be  cultivating a deeper connection to your felt sense, intuition, nervous system harmony, and choice. You will walk away with a better understanding of how your body ACTUALLY works, the ability to center in the face of adversity, and a refreshed sense of self as an integrated being living THROUGH THE BODY. 

 This course is a great stepping stone to begin your journey back home to yourself. 

Innerscape is inspired by Aikido, Somatic Groundwork, and consciousness work. Using the body as the entry point to presence of being as well as our ally in healing and connection. 

Hi my name is Phannie and I'm the founder and director of RLM. I'm on a mission to support others in living an empowered life that they love. I've studied in many somatic practices, as well as  ACE Aikido, Kundalini Yoga, and have worked in massage therapy and as an energy healer for over a decade. I have also spent years engaged in my own personal consciousness work.  

I love supporting others through their healing process and/or awakening into their actualized selves. I describe this as integrating the many dimensions of self. 

Get in touch for more details on this course
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