Radical Love: Movement Education 

 Biotensegrity informed experiential movement and dance education.   

"Biotensegrity is a structural principle that describes a relationship between every part of the organism and the mechanical system that integrates them into a complete functional unit. It is a conceptual model that represents a paradigm shift in biomechanical thinking and changes the way that we think about the complexities of functional anatomy." - Graham Scarr 

Summer Series 


July 6th - Aug 19th 2022

WED :    8am-9:30am Somatic                                       Groundwork

               Location : The Basement 

               4203 Julian st 80211


THUR :   8am-9am Ebas

               9am-10:30 Contemporary 

               Location : The Armory 



FRI :       9am-10am Somatic Groundwork

              10am-11am Jazz 

              11am-12pm Stretch and                                  Strengthen

               Location : The Armory 

               2565 Curtis st. 

EBAS-Elemental Body Alignment System is a structural alignment and re-education system done on the floor. During this class, students will access greater range of motion in their hips and spines through gentle, yet active openings. EBAS exercises allow the practitioner to access the deep intrinsic muscles to help support healthy alignment. This is a practice for everyone; yoga practitioners, runners, gym enthusiasts, pilates followers, dancers, - anyone with a movement practice or a question around alignment/ desire to deepen your somatic understanding. EBAS is designed for everyone.

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Somatic Groundwork Offerings 

Upcoming Workshops 

Building awareness and body intimacy 


Somatic Groundwork™ is an innovative movement practice that allows us to reclaim our embodied wholeness.  

Through somatic movement practices that connect us with the intimacy of the present moment, Somatic Groundwork™ refines our relationship with the nervous system and our living tissue architecture. By tending to the process of sensing, feeling, and moving, we access the possibility of redesigning the patterns of our forming.

Somatic Groundwork™ cultivates ease and support in our lives and encourages a greater harmony with our social ecology. 

The teachings of Somatic Groundwork™ build over time to create a full-bodied practice informed by developmental movement patterns, natural movement skills, authentic sensing, and somatic unwinding. As we process the teachings through our body, we influence the neuroplasticity of our brain and awaken to new possibilities. As our inner organization shifts, our connectivity with the world change’s too. Somatic Groundwork™ reveals the inextricable relationship we have with our environment and how we are a being through other beings.

Hi my name is Phannie and I'm the founder and director of RLM. I'm on a mission to support others in living an empowered life that they love. I am IMS Certified, have studied in many somatic practices, as well as  ACE Aikido, Kundalini Yoga, and have worked in massage therapy and as an energy healer for over a decade. I have also spent years engaged in my own personal consciousness work.  

I love supporting others through their healing process and/or awakening into their actualized selves. I describe this as integrating the many dimensions of self. 

At Radical Love Movement we relate to the bodymind as a whole, reframing how we think of our bodies to allow a new experience to emerge. We believe movement is medicine, that with the right framing we can transform old, damaging habits into a deeper understanding of how we work and how to better understand ourselves. Our body is our home, each one as unique as our fingerprints. We honor that truth by prioritizing intuition and our felt sense from connecting and listening to the inner rhythms of the body.