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Meet Founder Phannie

Hey there! Nice to meet you, my name is Phannie and I'm passionate about educating anyBODY into how their bodies and consciousness actually work. I've always been fascinated with the body and the human experience and have dedicated the last decade+ to learning and implementing structure, intuition and awareness- through the body. 

I have been doing bodywork for 16 years, energetics for 10, somatics for 8 and intuitive development for 4. 

I'm certified in Interdisciplinary Movement and Somatics (IMS) and Natural Success Coaching. Though I've studied much about the body, how it works, with many years of experience. I now use intuition and awareness as the vehicle for healing. Empowering my clients into the freedom of their hearts, the presence of their bodies and their Authentic Expression.

Specializing in

Body Education and Unwinding

  Intuition Development 

Re-organizing the bodymind in favor of what you love

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