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Sessions w/ Phannie

Hey there! I'm Phannie and I'm here to wake you up to what you truly love, support you in awareness through the body, and provide high level intuitive reads to remind you of your Greatness. 

I have been doing bodywork for 16 years, energetics for 10, somatics for 8 and intuitive development for 4. 

I'm certified in Interdisciplinary Movement and Somatics (IMS) and Natural Success Coaching. Though I've studied much about the body, how it works with many years of experience I now use intuition and awareness as the vehicle for healing. Empowering my clients into the freedom of their hearts, their Authentic Expression.

Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment coaching is a body and intuition based coaching style that uses the body as the anchoring point for understanding our limiting patterns, and grounding you in body based and intuitive practices to bring you back to the moment to create what you actually love in your life.  It can be applied to any desired change for your life. If you just want to move and feel better in your body, if you want to fine-tune your body's ability and harness its true potential, or if you're stuck in your life and need some support in moving forward.

Living an embodied life brings with it the magic of Being a Human. 

Intro pricing : $500 for 4 sessions. 

Single Sessions: $175

Packages available. 

Intuitive Bodywork/Facilitated Somatics

These sessions include hands-on body and energy work as well as hands on guided movement and unwinding.  Great for relaxation, re-organizing damaging movement patterns, and reconnecting with your bodies own innate wisdom. 

Intro pricing : $400 for 6 hours. (usually 1.5 hour sessions but not always) 

1 hour sessions : $80

1.5 hour sessions: $110

Packages available.  

Intuitive Soul Readings

In these sessions we will intuitively look at who you are in your Essence and what it is you came here to do on earth. We will discover then fine-tune, together, what it is your Truly Love as well as the perceptions and beliefs you have that's keeping you from that.  

Awareness is what gives us choice, and these reads will awaken you to who you truly are and how to live as that being. 


1 hour reads :  $150 

30 minute reads: $90 


Shoot me and email or text with interest and I'll get back to you. 

If you call please also text.  I keep all numbers I don't know from ringing my phone. I don't want to miss the opportunity to serve you in becoming who you truly are!

phone: 303.886.9935

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