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Sessions w/ Rachel

Greetings! I'm Rachel and I'm here to offer a space for you to connect to your body, learn your intuition, and support you in making contact with your essential self. 

 I am certified in Thai Bodywork and Elemental Body Alignment System and have been supporting people in these body-centered practices for a little over a decade. I've been on my own personal journey of using the body as a teacher to recognize your inner landscape and live a more intuitive life for about 7 years. 

     My gifts lie in connecting others to their intuition through introspective body and movement practices, using either bodywork or facilitated movement as a tool. As a queer woman I aim to serve queer, trans and non-binary folx in embodying their truths and feeling empowered in their greatness. As a mother and former teacher, I've helped caregivers learn valuable self-regulation skills through grounding in the body, and as a creative I've helped other artists connect to their intuition to support their process.

     I also specialize in helping people during times of transition or uncertainty by breaking down the beliefs that are holding us back and getting to the root cause of the fear to move forward. We do all of this through the body. The body and how we relate to it can teach us so much about ourselves, our beliefs, and our patterns. Let me help you get into yours! 

Thai Bodywork/Facilitated Movement

This hands-on session will include intuitive energy work and guided movement meant to address habitual patterns and held beliefs in the body. This can be a tool for relaxation, unwinding old patterns, and injury support. 


1 hr: $75

 1.5 hrs: $105 ----> Packages available

*Tarot add-on or Soul Read: $15


Tarot/Soul Reads

Using a question as the container, we will work intuitively with the tools of Tarot and connection to intuition through the body to gain clarity and awareness of your situation. In these reads, you will learn to trust yourself and your truth. 


15 minutes: $20, 30 minutes: $35, 1 hour: $65

*Virtual options available 


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