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Sessions w/ Les

Hi, I'm Les. My Genius is in management, business, production and dance. I'm great at organizing as well as reorganizing structures that aren't quite working together. I specialize in supporting projects from inception to completion or anywhere in between along the process. I love supporting individuals into a better understanding of themselves, and cultivating a more empowered relationship to their body and body image.  

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Embodiment Coaching 

Embodiment coaching is a body and intuition based coaching style that uses the body as the anchoring point for understanding our limiting patterns, and grounding you in body based and intuitive practices to bring you back to the moment to create what you actually love in your life.  It can be applied to any desired change for your life. If you just want to move and feel better in your body, if you want to fine-tune your body's ability and harness its true potential, or if you're stuck in your life and need some support in moving forward.

Living an embodied life brings with it the magic of Being a Human. 

Specializing in intuitive approach to Management and Managers

                         Career Change

                         Body Relationship and Self Connection

Intro pricing : $500 for 4 sessions. 

Single Sessions:Cash $170 Venmo + %3


4 Sessions: $580 Venmo +%3

8 Sessions: $1200 Venmo + %3

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